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Small Business Marketing and Commercial Photography

Silver Phoenix Arts & Communications provides marketing services for small businesses, and provides the photography and copywriting services to make your marketing work.

Silver Phoenix Arts' marketing services help you reach your customers with the message that your product is what they want, and your services will solve the problems they don’t want. Real life marketing for small businesses.

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Your image depends on your imagery. Silver Phoenix Arts can make your business, products, and people look good.  Better. Creative imagery is memorable.

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Your images grab attention. Great. Your copy must keep your customer engaged, informed, and sometimes entertained. Care about your copy.  And really care whether your technical copy is accessible to your customers.

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Good design ensures a visual presentation - and experience - reinforce your marketing strategy. Silver Phoenix Arts provides design consulting services for website, advertising, and print design.

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The Silver Phoenix Approach and Values

The mission of Silver Phoenix Arts is to help other businesses succeed - with minimal distraction to their delivery of products or services. In other words, I want every bit of effort to be connected to your organization's needs so you get the most value for your time as well as your money. Solutions need to be practical or they're not solutions.


Straightforward - Silver Phoenix Arts is small, but doesn't do artisanal tradecraft grounded in transformative storytelling. There's plenty of others out there providing those exact services. And I'm not afraid to say "I don't know" or "Silver Phoenix Arts isn't the right solution to your problem."


Integrity - I believe in the notion of business etiquette - where businesses treat each other with trust and respect. Contracts should be about looking the other person in the eye, shaking hands, and saying "I agree" -- because of mutual benefit, not opportunism.


If this makes sense, let's talk.

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